Everything is Texas in Nashville

Rising star and road warrior, Kasey Tyndall, logged over 104 tour dates and 34,000 road miles in the past 12 months. She released her single “Everything Is Texas” earlier this year and it just passed a quarter-of-a-million streams on Spotify.  It was recently added to Spotify’s Wild Country Playlist and the music video for “Everything Is Texas” is currently included in CMT Music’s Artist Discovery Program.

The story behind “Everything Is Texas” is very genuine. When Tyndall moved to Nashville she was dating a guy from Texas, but he moved away and they broke up.  “After that, everything reminded me of Texas. Even while performing in North Carolina, I was at a stop light and saw two cars with Texas license plates,” Tyndall recalled.   Back in Nashville she had a co-write with Lainey Wilson and Lena Stone.  While they were catching up, Tyndall brought up she didn’t know how she was going to get over this guy because everything reminded her of Texas. “That’s it, your new song,” they exclaimed!

In 2014, while Tyndall was attending college at East Carolina University studying nursing, she won a contest held by Raleigh’s 94.7 WQDR to sing with Keith Urban. Urban’s #1 hit, “We Were Us” needed a female to sing Miranda Lambert’s part of the song and Tyndall’s friends made her call in and she won.  “I didn’t get to even meet him before we sang together in front of 20,000 people,” she says. After that performance, doors opened and opportunities came quickly.  She moved to Nashville with one of her best friends and it was a big change for Tyndall.  “Everything was new for me, I really hadn’t been away from my home in North Carolina” she said, “but I realized quickly that in the music industry here in Nashville everyone is family.”  

When Tyndall is not on the road or writing new songs, she likes taking visitors out to explore Nashville.  The Grand Ole Opry was a part of her childhood with so many good memories and now living in Nashville, Midtown is another favorite hangout. “Losers Bar in Midtown is a popular hangout, you never know who you might see there,” Tyndall says with a smile.  Another hot spot Tyndall mentioned going to after co-writes was Taco Mamacita near Music Row. “I love queso and chips and they are really good there,” she says.

During the summers, Tyndall and her friends make time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery near Nashville while canoeing down the Harpeth River. “Tip-A-Canoe or Foggy Bottom Canoe Rentals are only 30 minutes from downtown Nashville, and sometimes you just need to get out of the city. Touring is hard work with long hours, but it really isn’t work for me because it is so much fun,” exclaimed Tyndall.  

Tyndall is on tour with Wheeler Walker Jr. during July 2017.  Download “Everything is Texas” on iTunes, follow her socials facebook.com/KaseyTyndallMusic, @Kasey Tyndall on twitter and Instagram and for additional tour information visit www.kaseytyndall.com.

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27 Jul 2017

By Kathy Fox