LiveMinds Adventure Escape

LIVEMINDS ADVENTURE ESCAPE is the next evolution in escape games. This supercharged, fully-immersive, interactive challenge is like nothing you've experienced! You and your team (up to 10) have 1 hour to jump into the middle of your adventure, use your wits and accomplish your mission. Engage in this team-building experience with your family, co-workers or friends. First time? If you’re new to the genre of escape games, you will be blown away! Your group will be ushered through the top-secret compound and into a fully-immersive environment. You'll have 60 minutes to solve the clues, puzzles, mysteries and challenges to complete your mission. LiveMinds is like stepping into a movie – where YOU can save the day! If you are a seasoned escape game participant, know that the creativity bar is raised in the stunning environments we are preparing for you.

LIVEMINDS ADVENTURE ESCAPE features 2 games with a third coming soon. In Knight Sky, a splinter cell of terrorists have developed a supercomputer that threatens to take control of all US government and military computers. It's up to your team to avert this global disaster! You’ll land in the back streets of New York, gather clues and trek through hidden passages to infiltrate the terrorists’ secret hideout and disable the supercomputer before it goes online! In Treasure of Pacari, a renowned archeologist has gone missing, just before revealing one of the world’s most important discoveries. You and your team must take up where he left off. But danger awaits! Avoid the cunning booby traps as you step into the mysterious Aztec ruins and explore the caverns of a lost civilization. Use your skills to solve the riddles, open secret doors, and save the ancient wonder before another villainous group steals the treasure!

Be ready to think outside the box and use each team member's strengths and brain power. Put away your electronics and work together with real humans! Can you imagine the fun and fabulous memories this adventure will generate with family and friends? We also welcome businesses who want to host Team Building events!  It's a hands-on adventure just like stepping into a movie!  Just off I-65 in historic Franklin, Tennessee.

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19 Apr 2018

By Kathy Fox