Tackle Box

In June 2017, Chris Biano released his debut single “Tackle Box.” It’s a song that tells the story of losing someone, as well as, honoring their memory.  “My father passed away five years ago and the song can be a tear jerker, but it gets a powerful response and there is a lot of positive in the song too,” Biano says.  It’s one of his favorite songs to sings because it has such an emotional connection for so many people. Check out the video for “Tackle Box” on YouTube,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7fCq3xJMi8.

Born and raised in Texas, Biano packed up everything and moved to Nashville to pursue his journey as an artist.  “When I first moved to Nashville, I met all these talented people and that’s pretty scary. The cool thing about Nashville is you realize what a great community it is. It is a town with lots of talent and southern hospitality. Anytime night of the week you can walk into a place and be blown away by how many talented people there are here,” Biano explains.  He lives south of Nashville in historic Franklin and settled in quickly.  Biano enjoys going out and exploring the history of the Civil War in Franklin, the Carnton Plantation in particular, as well as, the making the drive to the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, TN. He is a regular at Big Shakes Hot Chicken in Franklin and also likes to take out of town guests to Hattie B’s in Nashville, a must visit for sure.

Biano is also the star of a reality show, “Breaking Country,” which is a 20 week TV quality high end produced web reality series about an aspiring artist on his journey trying to make it in Nashville.  You will see the behind the scenes of the Nashville music industry and see what it takes to break out. Follow Biano’s journey as he works in the country music industry navigating the world of playing gigs, writing appointments, vocal coaching sessions while also having a long distance relationship with his girlfriend in NY. 

There are some familiar faces on “Breaking Country” including country music star Bryan White, James Fuertes from Season 12 of “The Bachelorette” and Brandon Chase from “The Voice” Season 5.  A new episode of “Breaking Country” is released every Sunday night at 7:00pm cst on www.youtube.com/chrisbiano and make sure to watch Episode 7 The Proposal!

Download ‘Tackle Box” today and follow Chris Biano and his journey as an artist on twitter and Instagram, @ChrisBiano, www.facebook.com/ChrisBianoMusic, and visit Chris Biano.com for additional information.   

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27 Jul 2017

By Kathy Fox